What is LeonFlix?

LeonFlix is a multi platform desktop app in 2020 for finding movies and TV shows. It is an entirely free media search tool that continually searches for popular video streams on the different hosting websites.

Watch or download your favorite movies, Tv series, and popular shows with LeonFlix for 100% free and completely Ad-free. You can download Leonflix for Android, Windows, Linux, or Mac and enjoy thousands of free movies. Leonflix does not require any subscription or registration plan compared to other apps.

It works by crawling video/file hosting websites, extracting the videos hosted on those sites for playback within the Leonflix applications. Extract only the needed content that streaming sites specify, eliminating all the pop-ups and advertisements that have cut into the product.

Download LeonFlix 0.7.0 for Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, and Raspbian

LeonFlix supports almost every platform device, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. You can easily download Leonflix and install without any difficulties.

But you need to follow several steps to install LeonFlix successfully. You have to follow different guidelines to process in each of the platforms.

Note that You can not find LeonFlix on official stores such as Microsoft Store, Google play store, and apple app store. Due to legal procedures, you can not search for it on these sources, and it is still under the inspection of the store's moderators.

LeoFlix is compatible with multiplatform support, and developers have achieved so much to get this application on several operating systems. Select your device and download LeonFlix latest version from below.

Software Name LeonFlix
Last Updated Feb 2020
Version 0.7.0
Platforms Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS
Category Utility Tool
Developer LeonFlix_Team
Ratings 5.0

Features of Leonflix

You can experience many more features with LeonFlix rather than streaming videos. It has got many impressive features and options to boost your free time with LeonFlix. Let's dive in to find out a quick review of LeonFlix.

Latest Movies and TV Shows

You can watch tons of the latest movies & TV series. Watch your favorite movie or tv show 100% free anytime and anywhere. Additionally, you can easily find videos and Tv series across the internet with our search bar option.

Multiplatform Support

What makes LeonFlix App exceptional is its multi platform feature. It is available for a wide range of platforms, including windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and Rasbian. When we talK about other competitive applications such as CyberFlix TV and FreeFlix HQ, these apps are limited to specific platforms.


You will not restrict entertainment stuff found in all the major video streaming platforms. Additionally, you are limited to accessing HTTP URLs and capable of pasting the magnet link in the search bar for video streaming.

Ads Free

With LeonFlix, you will not be interrupted with ads in the middle of the movie or Tv show. It doesn't contain a single advertisement between the watch time. Leonflix will make you fall in love with this impressive application much more.


Watch your favorite streams to download whenever you want. You can download streams at different qualities from 360p to 10180p.


Install Add-ons from third-party builts to enhance the viewing experience. You can find a separate tab for module executions such as install, embed, or delete.


Leonflix lets you bookmark favorite movie or Tv show with a heart symbol, where you can make your favorite movie list to watch later. Also, it lets you keep in touch with your play history.


You can easily organize your content by category/genre/year, and browser type with LeonFlix.

What are Leonflix Modules?

Modules are known as "add-ons" to Leonflix that you can install to find the video you want or customize experiences. These modules are still in the development phase. But ultimately, the module system will be introduced to almost every 3rd party developer. Check out the currently available modules by visiting settings > Modules. The aim is to promote different types of media that Leonflix can play and the protocols they can perform. We could see more impressive features in the future with the combination of 3rd party modules.

Is LeonFlix Safe?

Safety & Security:

Downloading from trusted sources is safe and secure. You can download Leonflix application to Windows, Android, Mac and Linux from our page or official website.It has reported that most of the websites offer a cloned version which might be injected with virus and malware. Be aware of those files. It can harm your PC and it would be better to use an antivirus guard to protect your system from such a file.


Watching copyrighted content that you don’t own rights is 100% illegal in most of the countries with copyright laws. So, we can say Leonflix is an illegal application. But, it does not host any content on its servers. Leonflix is a searching tool that provides data according to the user’s search queries.

Pros and Cons of Leonflix


  • It allows you to watch torrents directly from links and available to download them directly to your PC for later offline watching.
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Open a wide range of updated content.
  • Available an active developer back from a break
  • Available an active Reddit community with over 3K plus members
  • It supports real Debian and Trakt.tv
  • Provide customizing recommendations and search engine
  • Available bookmarks and many user's customizable functions
  • Supports In-app Torrent download manager
  • Allow peer to peer watch parties
  • Available automatic updates
  • You can search for new sources using a button if the stream you are watching isn't appropriate.
  • Supports a wide range of cross-platform video players
  • User-friendly and well-designed user interface
  • Support autocompletion of search suggestions


  • A developer who has worked on other projects and returned after a year for work on this project, due to a broken OL extractor, the player had stopped working. There is no questioning that they are gifted, but one hopes they will stay to continue to develop the project.
  • Not support for premiumize.

How to Install LeonFlix for Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, and Raspbian

Download the File:

Choose the platform device and then download the application according to the operating system. Remember to download the latest version.

Install the App:

After finishing the download, then navigate to the download file location and click to install.

Awesome interface:

Finally, launch the LeonFlix application to explore your favorite movies & tv shows as you wish.

How to use LeonFlix?

STEP 1: Launch the LeonFlix on your device and search for the movies and tv series whatever you want.

STEP 2: You can see three different categories, like "Browse," "Bookmarks," and "Torrents" after launching the application.

Browse: You can search for any movie or tv shows based on Genre or year on the browse section.

You can browse different genres, such as Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Family, Drama, Fantasy, Music, or Horror.

Bookmarks: You can easily save any movie or TV series in the Bookmark section to watch later or save them.

Torrents: You can add torrents from the open sources to LeonFlix to watch torrent movies and tv shows by the direct torrent link.

Changelog of Leonflix

Version 0.7.0
  • Inserted movie metadata caching when TMDb goes down.
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
  • "0/N" bug fixed when re-scraping.
  • Upgrades electron from 4.2.9 to 5.0.10

Version 0.6.9
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Inserted deeper RD integration.
  • Fixed text chat styling issues.
  • An upgraded electron from 1.7.13 to 4.2.9

Version 0.6.7
  • Inserted emoji reactions in text chat parties.
  • Added DLNA cast support
  • Added p2p text chat parties
  • Autoplay bug fixes
  • Inserted OpenSubtitles sign-in config in settings.
  • Fixed to p2p video watch party bugs and issues.
  • Embedded copy button next to the current source URL.

Version 0.6.0
  • Torrent streaming available.
  • Support real debris support.
  • Provide auto-complete search suggestions.
  • Fixed random gray screening crashes.
  • Provide cached torrents (with RD)
  • Fixed OL extractori
  • An available Torrent download manager
  • Developed source coverage
  • Fixed UI bugs
  • Fixed arrow keys that are not adjusting the volume.
  • Fixed volume settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does mean by "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action" error?

Fix this issue by removing the AppData\Local\Programs\leonflix and finally reinstall.

Q2. How can I find news and updates related to the development of Leonflix Application?

Subscribe to r/leonflix for the latest updates related to the development of the Leonflix application. Also, you can find answers to your problems related to Leonflix.

Q3. Can't we find Leonflix sources for any content?

You can find Leonflix source code unless you block ISP. You can also install additional modules inside the application or try using it with a Virtual Private Network.

Q4.Are there any Android APKs available for Leonflix?

There are some 3rd party APK developed for LeonFlix. Anyhow, developing desktop experience is the main objective.

Q5. What does this message say "Leonflix can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer." mean?

You can solve this by visiting System Preference > Security & Privacy > General, and tap on "Run Anyway." Tap on the lock to make changes if it requires.

Q6.The app is blocked on Windows with the message that windows protected my computer.

Tap on "More Info" > "Run Anyway" to solve the issue.

Q7. How to run the AppImage file on Linux on my PC?

To gain the executable permission first of all click on the AppImage and then go to Properties > Permissions, and there you can set it to be executable. Also, you can perform this in your terminal.

Q8. How to update Leonflix on Linux?

If you want to update Leonflix to the latest version, download Leonflix AppImage.

How to use leonflix - Video Tutorial

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