Download LeonFlix v0.7.0 for Linux

When we compare to other apps, you don't need to install AppImages in Leonflix before using it. Anyhow, they need to be spotted as executable prior they can run. This makes the system secure as its one of the security feature of Linux.

Impotant: Others do not verify these AppImages. You can follow these steps if you trust the developer of the Software.

STEP 1: Download Leonflix AppImage from the link below and change it to make it executable using your file manager or simply typing the following commands in the terminal.

Chmod +x ./*.AppImage

Version V0.7.0
File Size 75.5 MB
Category Entertainment
Active Installs 1M+
License Free
Last updated on Jan 8, 2020

STEP 2: Next, Click on the AppImage in the file manager to launch the app.

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